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FlexJointPlus Reviews

>>65-year-old Roy bounds down stairs like a 16-year-old!

“I am 65, and noticed knee joint pain every time I had my legs on the coffee table. The pain was very, very sharp. I also noticed, as did my significant other, that I was coming down the stairs with difficulty.

“After taking FlexJointPlus, two a day, I noticed the pain subsided so much that I realized it was doing what it claimed. Also, my significant other said to me, ‘Do you realize you come down those stairs like you were a 16-year-old?’ FlexJointPlus has without a doubt helped. And with the return policy, what do you have to lose?”—Roy S., Lansford, PA*

>>Relief for “frozen” joints! “My husband and I both have joint problems. My husband has a ‘frozen’ knee and it’s painful. FlexJointPlus took his pain away after only 10 days. I have a deteriorating hip joint…FlexJointPlus also helped with that pain for me…I will definitely recommend this to my friends.”—Faith L., Redding, CA*

>>In two weeks, the pain is almost gone! “I’m 81-1/2, a retired nuclear engineer and counselor…My right knee was injured playing football. I purchased your product to see if it could help me avoid surgery….I have gone from wearing a bulky plastic knee brace to a much softer elastic compression band….your product began reducing pain in two weeks and is almost negligible now. Thank you.”—Wayne B., Marshall, MI

>>Sleeping better at night! “I have a great deal of pain in most of my joints. I bought your product to try to lessen the pain and stiffness…FlexJointPlus helps me at night because I sleep better.”—Sharon M., Omaha, NE

>>Great for stiff backs, hips and knees! “I’m 69 years old…still doing some catering …and am very active as a farm wife…so something is always going on. I was having trouble with my back, and my hip on the right side began to hurt when I walked up basement stairs. And when I went to bed I couldn’t turn over to the left or right side because it hurt. I would say if you’re having trouble with your back or hips or knees, you need to give this a try. FlexJointPlus really works, and I am feeling so much better.—Linda S., Arlex, AL*

>>Much less muscle and nerve pain! “FlexJointPlus has been the ‘plus’ for me because I have much less muscle and nerve pain. It has worked very quickly. According to my physical therapist and gym trainer, I have much greater range of motion, and it’s easier to move.”—LeEllen K., Oregon, WI*

>>No more hurting hands! “I have pain in my fingers and hips. The first morning I took FlexJointPlus, by evening I could tell it had made a significant improvement in my comfort level. I could feel a lessening of pain. It is a wonderful relief to no longer have pain or stiffness in my knees, hips or hands.”—Geri Winkler, La Rose, IL*

>>Relief for neck, hips and feet! “I have pain, and a recent bone scan indicated I am a very high risk for breaking a hip. With FlexJointPlus, I have experienced tremendous relief from my pain. Plus, my neck no longer cracks when I move. My husband tried it, and he also go relief in his hands, knees and feet.”—Chris M., Pomfort Center, CT*

Success stories from all across America

>>FlexJointPlus worked so well for Paul, he ditched his cane!

“I needed a left knee replacement, but since using FlexJointPlus, I have less pain. I can walk…I feel much comfort…and I ditched my cane. I am 82 years old.”—Paul S., Penfield, NY

>>Saved this retired nurse from very painful surgery! “I am a 63-year-old retired Registered Nurse. Last year I severely injured my right shoulder carrying a huge flower pot. For several months I hoped it would get better but it didn’t. When I finally saw an orthopedist, my MRI showed several tears that the doctor said required surgery as they were too extensive to heal on their own. As I have very poor insurance, I needed to wait until January.

“In the meanwhile I saw an ad about FlexJointPlus and placed my order. I was skeptical but had nothing to lose…Since taking FlexJointPlus, I have regained FULL range of motion in my injured shoulder. I can also now even lay on my right side which I was unable to do for more than a year. I am in absolute awe of this product.

“FlexJointPlus saved me from a very painful surgery that has a difficult recovery process. As a side note, I have always had knee issues. Lo and behold, since taking this, I have not had one flare up of knee pain. Thank God for this product.”—Cynthia B., North Port, FL*

>>Tried many other pain relievers, but this works! “I am 82 years old and have pain in my knees. I read about FlexJointPlus in the journal so I thought I’d give it a try. I tried many other pain relievers and they did not help me that much. So far, FlexJointPlus is doing the job for me. I can walk without pain in my knees, go fishing and do yard work without pain. Thank you.”—James W., Lodi, WI *

>>On a scale of 1 to 10, this is an 11! “When I purchased FlexJointPlus, I could barely walk. Another pain product did not work for me. FlexJointPlus started working for me 10 days after taking it. I want to thank you very much. I can walk again without pain. A big plus. On a 1 to 10 scale, this is a 11!—Dan V., Ormand Beach, FL*

>>“This has been the most pain-effective medication I have ever used! I’m a disabled/retired man of 62 years old. I suffer from pain throughout my back, arms and legs. I also suffer from a compound fracture in my right fibia and tibia which resulted in 16 inches of stainless steel rod being placed in the marrow of my leg.

“Currently I am recovering from surgery to my right shoulder. 45 days ago, my rotator cuff, tendons and ligaments were completely torn, requiring them to sutured back together again. After reading your ad in our local paper, I couldn’t wait to place an order hoping would ease the pain my wife and I suffer from.

“After using FlexJointPlus for only 5 days, both my wife and I couldn’t believe the fantastic results we were experiencing. Just getting out of bed was a major concern for both of us. But after only 5 days, we were able to get out of bed without pain or assistance. Our joints haven’t been this pain free or flexible for many, many years

“FlexJointPlus does what it claims, and it has been the most pain-effective medication I have ever used. If you’re tired of not being able to do things you want to do in your life without being in constant pain, then perhaps FlexJointPlus could be the answer for you like it was for me. I only wish I heard about it sooner. It works.”—Kevin H., Quartz Hill, CA*

>>X-rays don’t lie: “I’ve had a right knee that’s been popping periodically over the last six months. I went to a doctor and got an x-ray, then got a shot in December. I read an article about FlexJointPlus and ordered a bottle. My mobility has improved. I go to the gym and walk in the whirlpool 4 or 5 times a week. My knee seems stronger since taking it. Had an x-ray done and the bones were closer together. I have told several others about this great product.”—Henry “Hank” H., Shawnee, KS*

>>Better all over! “With FlexJointPlus, I am more flexible, feel better and walk much better. I have told lots of my friends about it. They can see how much better I move. I love it. I have had severe joint pain…this has been helping me so much with my flexibility.”—Mary T., Fultondale, AL*

>>Old codger beats younger golfers—what’s his secret? “I’m 83 year old, and I play golf every day. FlexJointPlus keeps me from hurting and takes care of body pain. I love it. I take two capsules before I leave home, and I beat a lot of younger players. FlexJointPlus gives me a lot of flexibility, and I’m an old codger.”—John C., Calhoun City, MS*

>>Back doing the things he loves: “I am 82 years old. I was having trouble bending down or kneeling. My back was hurting from an old injury, and I just couldn’t do a lot of things I liked to do.

“Now, with FlexJointPlus, I can squat down or bend over and water and feed my dog and many other projects. FlexJointPlus has been a big help to me. Very soon after taking it, I could tell a difference. In about 2 months, I could do a lot of different things that I couldn’t do before I started taking it.”—Bert C., Ashmore, IL*

>>Got her life back! “I am double jointed, and my joints are sore, stiff and make it hard for me to walk and stay active. After taking FlexJointPlus, 3 a day, within a week I could tell a difference. I was not as stiff…I even felt I had more energy and no pain. I have a better quality of life without aches and pains.”—Paula M., Fultondale, AL*

>>Big change! “I am now nearly 87. In the past years, I did quite a lot of hiking particularly near Mt. Rainier…I was having knee pain and decided to give FlexJointPlus a try. It has made an improvement for me. I was using a walker or a cane. Now, I try to move around without the equipment. I feel no pain and am gaining back my balance. FlexJointPlus has really made a big change!”—Duane N., Des Moines, WA*

>>No more pain! “With FlexJointPlus, I have no more pain I my fingers, legs or arms. I am 65. FlexJointPlus really works”—Karen T., Annapolis, MO*

>>Pain almost gone, surgery averted! “I am a 78 year old retired plumber. I had stiff joints for years. My left knee was stiff and painful, and I was considering replacement surgery, but I could still walk ok. So I was waiting until it got worse. I tried FlexJointPlus, and it reduced the pain so I could walk normally. The pain is almost gone after using your product. Thank you for FlexJointPlus.”—Tom C., Bellevue, WA*

>>Great relief for nerve and knee pain! “I have nerve and knee pain on a continual basis and have tried many products over the last several years. I have notice a marked difference since taking FlexJointPlus and will continue to take it based on the positive experience.”—Jeannine H, Springfield, VA*

>>Up and down ladders, no problem for this 62-year-old. “I am 62 and have my own business. It requires me to go up and down ladders and often working on my knees. After seeing your ad, I ordered FlexJointPlus and began taking it. I could feel a difference after about 10 days. Plus it has helped with my mobility. Thank you!—Don B., Jr, Bellefonte, PA*

>>Years of knee strain to almost no pain! “I am an 83-year old retired pipeline construction working. Years of this put a strain on my knees. I am trying everything I can to get relief and not have surgery. Upon seeing your ad, I decided to try FlexJointPlus. I used it for two months, and I have almost no pain. You ought to try this pill.”—Ervine O., Mt. Zion, GA*

>>Once skeptical…now no pain! “I started taking FlexJointPlus per instructions, but I felt no changes for the first two weeks. I began to think this was going to be just like all the other products I have ordered. I continued to take it since I had already ordered it. Almost without knowledge, my pain was not as bad as before. I continued to take it, and I now have NO PAIN.”—Milton M.*

*Individual results may vary